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Live painting with Muchachito.
Art of the Art Space of the time. By Santos de Veracruz.

"Traditionally, human beings have been caring about leaving graphic  testimony of music.
Recording it mainly: in  musical scores through transcriptions into basic music theory, which just broke
out in then eighth century; creating  the first sound recordings from  basic toothed cylinders, (dated
between the 14th and the 16th centuries), and finally ; getting the first commercial phonographic
recordings registered in the late 19th and early 20th Cent

But I want to refer in this case to a different type of register. The silent register. Which at the same time illustrates
over time the celebration of music and its performance just by drawings and paintings. Taking this facts into account,
it is a must to highlight the huge area the musical-plastic register occupies all the way through history. From the first
cave art, to the Egyptians, then the Sumerians, the Persian, the Greek, the Romans…etc. Popular music has been
feeding constantly from plastic language. In the late 70s and in the 80s we lived the craze of this communion.
Drawings, paintings and comics took over the album covers and vice versa. By using animation, drawings, musicals,
and video clips were put together   showing  the musical philosophy and aesthetic  which music bands built  to their
liking. And that has been like this since, way through until nowadays.
I have been brought up by album and comic kicks; the art of  space and the art of time. In this way, painting live
on stage, alongside Jairo, Muchachito, I have invented nothing new, I have just simply continued with the tradition.

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