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Santos de Veracruz (Santos García Díaz), Barcelona 1975. In 1986 publishes his first
sketches in 'El Kömikaze', a fanzine from Sta. Coloma de Gret (Barcelona), his hometown,
where he grows up. In 2000, plans and publishes ‘El Puñalito’. A comic illustration,
a collective, self-managed magazine where he publishes 'Las correrias de Simón Bogarde’
whose pages take him to Jorge Zentner in 2001, with whom he publishes two titles in the
Franco-Belgian Publishing House Castermman, from 2001 to 2004. These two titles are
and ‘Passion’. ‘Flamenco’ is translated to Spanish by Astiberri publishing house,
which presents it in an exhibition held at CCCB (Barcelona Modern Culture Centre) within
the 10th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, where he works taking part in its design and
production at the request of the organizing company, El Taller de Mùsics of Barcelona.
Between 2002 and 2003, he publishes another two ilustrations series; a triptych called
inspired in the music by Arturo Sandoval and Joe Batan, and also a diptych
called ‘Gitanos y morenos’ in Mamma-Grafic-RitaSMiLe publishing house.

During 2005 combines poster designing, publishing contributions and private painting
on request,along with the graphic works for Jairo Perera, Muchachito; doing the artwork
for the albums ‘Vamos que nos vamos’, ’Visto lo visto’ and ‘Idas y vueltas’ alongside
JoniferZ; as well as graphic inputs in the video clips. At the same time he becomes part
of  Muchachito’s band as a full member.Going on tour with them all over the world with
his live on stage painting. In 2006 and 2007 presents the exhibition ‘Almas bandoleras’
at the Modern Art Centre Can Sisteré, in Santa Coloma de Gret; at the BBK Foundation
in Bilbao, within the music festival BBKLive and also at the Baluarte de la Candelaria
Cadiz city. In all these exhibitions Josele Sangüesa from Caníbala and Javier Ruibal
collaborate with their music. In 2008 directs for ‘La Canalla’ band  the artwork for the first
feature-length ‘Flores y malas Hierbas’. Draws and designs as well for the band from Jerez
‘Mixto Lobo
’ and also for the Troupe from Cadiz ‘El callejón de Los Santos’.
Javier Ruibal
suggests doing the design and drawings for the reissue of  his beloved ‘Pensión
in book-album format on  its 10th anniversary since it came to light for the first time.
In 2009,on the occasion of the celebration of the concerts ‘El Clandestino del Puerto’;
musical tandem by Javier Ruibal and La Canalla, makes the scenographic video proyected
during such concerts with the collaboration of JoniferZ Team.

During this year he also makes posters for music festivals,corporate images,sporadic short
stories and comic strips as well as several illustrations for different books and magazines
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